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Sample Q & A: The Curse

Question 1:
Based on the novel that you have read, what is the lesson that you have learned from the ending of the novel? Give reasons why you think the lesson is important.
       The novel I have read is The curse by Lee Su Ann. In the novel, it ended with Azreen learning the truth about a lot of things surrounding her sister’s death. It was very sad for Azreen too because she had to cope with the deaths of the Old Lady and her parents. In the epilogue, Azreen went back to London to continue her studies. It is important to not that in the end, Azreen learned to forgive. The theme of forgiveness and the importance of the truth resonate throughout the ending of the novel.
        I learned that forgiveness is the key to finding inner peace and strength. Somehow, it helps a person to move on despite having gone through negative situations. Azreen’s character teaches us to be strong, bold and upright in order to withstand vicious gossips and to fight injustice like how she defended the Old Lady.
         The same goes for Azreen when she returned to London. If she allowed hatred, anger and other negative emotions to take over, those emotions would have consumed her and made her life worse. But because she learned to accept the truth and to forgive, she was able to smile at the end. Although the truth was difficult to handle for Azreen, especially about Madhuri and Mohd Asraf, her father being Madhuri’s murderer, and how Madhuri was not her real sister, Azreen managed to cope with all those unfortunate events.
         From the ending of the novel, I learned that sometimes, although the truth may not be what everybody wants to hear, it is always best to tell the truth because it helps people to find inner peace and to be truly happy.

Question 2:

Based on the novel that you have read, give examples of what hope means to the characters that you have chosen.
            The novel I have read is The curse by Lee Su Ann. Hope is the feeling of wanting something you desire to come true. In the novel, Mohd Asraf and Madhuri are in love and they hope to be together when Mohd Asraf leaves for Kuala Lumpur for a teaching course.  
             However, Madhuri is married to Haji Ghani. She plans to confess everything to her husband and get his permission to release her. Asraf hopes that Madhuri is right that her husband is a reasonable person who wants the best for her and she will ultimately be released from her marriage. Madhuri also plans to reveal everything to her parents about their relationship. Unfortunately, their hope of being together is dashed when Madhuri’s father discovers the truth before she could explain everything tohhim. Saleh Abdullah, catches Madhuri and Mohd Asraf together in the rubber estate and he wanted to go after        
              Mohd Asraf. Sadly, as he wields his parang, it strikes Madhuri and kills her.
Due to Mohd Asraf’s ailing grandmother, he forced himself to visit the Old Lady and ask her to cure his grandmother. When she did come to his house, some of the villagers found out about it and they think that all the bad incidents happening around the village is due to her presence.
              In addition, another character, Puan Fatihah feels like she is slowly losing her husband after Madhuri’s death. She hopes to win his affections again by cooking a breakfast feast for him. But he did not appreciate her deed due to the many happenings in the village; instead, he left without eating what she had cooked for him.
In conclusion, the novel helps us to see how hope drives different characters to do different things and there are positive and negative consequences of their actions.

Question 3:
Using details from the novel you have studied, write about a theme that you can relate to in your daily life. Give examples of the theme that you have chosen. Support your answer with close reference to the text.
            The novel I have read is ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann. A theme from ‘The Curse’ is about the negative effects or rumours and hearsay. Gossip is basically idle talk that goes bad if one is not careful enough but malicious gossip is even more dangerous because it does the most damage.
For example, in the past, the villagers’ constant gossiping had caused the Old Lady to move to the jungle because they thought that she was a crazy woman who killed her husband in cold blood. They failed to understand and consider the reason behind the act and it caused the Old Lady to live alone for the rest of her life in the jungle. The villagers continued to spread wrong information about the Old Lady by saying that she will cast a spell or kill those who trespass on her property.
               Puan Normala warned that a curse will befall the village by claiming that the incessant rain was caused by the Old Lady coming into the village even though she came only to cure Nek, Mohd Asraf’s grandmother. She gathered some of her neighbours and convinced them to drive the Old Lady out of the village. Sadly, not long after the Old Lady had cured Nek, Nek passed away and the neighbours convinced Mohd Asraf that the Old Lady was to be blamed. The confrontation between them and the Old Lady ended tragically with her house being burnt down and her untimely death.
                Throughout the novel, we are constantly reminded of how rumours can turn bad and how they can lead to destruction or a tragic conclusion. As stated by the Old Lady, “Rumours can be damaging even if they are untrue, especially if they are untrue. All a person can do is to ignore them and the rumours will die off as soon as another juicier one comes along.”
                I have learnt from the theme in this novel that I should not believe or be influenced by rumours in our daily lives. More importantly, I should also not create and spread rumours about another person. These, we must apply in our daily lives.

Question 4:
Using details from the novel you have studied, describe how it has taught you to be a responsible person. Give examples of how you learned to be a responsible person.

               The novel I have read is The curse by Lee Su Ann. In the novel, we learn about responsibility in terms of thinking before we speak and not spreading rumours. The gossipy villagers spread rumours about Madhuri’s death and how it will bring a curse to the village. Puan Normala begins to spread rumours by claiming to have seen Madhuri’s dead body and white blood. To make matters worse, she starts to link happenings like the endless rain and flood to the curse. This only creates more fear among the villagers. Puan Normala and her neighbours gossip and speculate about everything. To top it all off, when the Old Lady is sought after by Mohd Asraf to treat his sick grandmother, the villagers gang up to chase her away because they consider her evil as she had murdered her husband in the past. They feel that she is the cause of the curse.
               Sadly, due to the irresponsible villagers’ rumours at that time, the Old Lady becomes the victim and she is labelled as a mad woman and a murderer. She was forced to leave the village and had to live in a deserted house in the jungle. She is forced to come to the village again when Mohd Asraf pleads with her to treat his grandmother. When his grandmother passed away, the villagers were quick to accuse the Old Lady of poisoning Mohd Asraf’s Nek and it was enough to convince Mohd Asraf to confront the Old Lady at her house. When things got out of hand, the house is burned down and the Old Lady dies.
              On the other hand, Azreen is a responsible person by the way she treats her parents even though she feels that they love Madhuri more than her. She never receives her father’s warmth as his daughter as much as Madhuri but being the responsible daughter that she is, she continues to treat her father respectfully. Azreen also takes care of her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s till her mother’s death.
              I have learned that I have to be responsible for my own actions. I should not spread rumours nor cause harm to others without thinking carefully no matter what happens or challengers I have to face. For being irresponsible, we can also cause harm to other people.

Question 5:
Based on the novel you have read, write about a character whom you admire. Give reasons why you admire him or her. Support your answer with close reference to the text.
             The novel I have read is The Curse written by Lee Su Ann. There are many characters in the novel but the character I find most admirable is none other than Azreen, the younger daughter of Saleh Abdullah. I admire Azreen because she has many positive characteristics. I will give examples from the novel to support my answer.
              First and foremost, Azreen is an independent girl. She goes wherever she wants to without seeking permission from her parents. She was determined to go for the exchange programme where she lived with Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkipli in Georgetown. She even applied for a scholarship in an effort to leave the village. Azreen is also loyal. This can be seen when Azreen saw Encik Mohan and his sons manhandling Asraf, she came to his aid by taking the blame for him.
              In addition, Azreen prepares meals for her parents and takes good care of her mother after Madhuri’s death. She is a filial and dutiful daughter. Azreen did not believe the villagers who claimed that the Old Lady could turn anyone into squirrels or rats as well as cook and eat them for dinner. This shows that she is a sensible person.
              I also admire Azreen because she accepts challenges. Azreen was dared to pay a visit to the Old Lady and she went to her house. They became good friends
              Azreen is also a determined person. Azreen could not tolerate her father’s and neighbours constant complaints. So, she accepted the two-month foster programme to stay with Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkipli. Similarly, she was determined to accept the scholarship to study in London and so her foster parents decided to support her financially
              From the novel, we know that Azreen is also an open-minded. I admire Azreen as she does not believe in the stereotype role of a woman who is supposedly to be docile and feminine. She is also modest. Azreen is not proud and does not put on airs although she is studying in London. Besides that, Azreen is admirable because of her diligence. Both Azreen and Madhuri work diligently to weave a new basket for their mother as the former broke the basket which was laden with durians. I also admire Azreen because she is intelligent. Azreen obtained a scholarship to pursue her tertiary education in London.
              In conclusion, the character I admire most from the novel I have read is Azreen. Although she is not perfect and has some negative characteristics, she has even more positive characteristics. She is someone I can relate to and I hope to be just like her.

Question 6:
There are many interesting events in the novel you have read. Write about an event or incident that you think is important or that you will never forget. Give reasons to substantiate your answer.

          The novel I have read is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. I think the incident when Mohd Asraf tells Azreen that he and Madhuri were in a relationship is important in the novel The Curse. Here are a few reasons to substantiate my answer.
           First and foremost, this piece of news is shocking to Azreen as she has always liked Mohd Asraf from her school days. She even joined Mohd Asraf’s hockey team so she could spend more time with him. Though she knew that Mohd Asraf was taken up by Madhuri’s beauty and always praised her syair recitals, she never knew that Madhuri too, had feelings for him as she had never mentioned it to anyone before. 
          Secondly, this event adds a twist to the story as Madhuri agreed to the idea of getting a divorce from Haji Ghani and run away from the village with Mohd Asraf to Kuala Lumpur where he will be furthering his studies. This should never have happened in the first place as Madhuri is already married to Haji Ghani, the village headman.
         Thirdly, with this revelation, Azreen is able to understand what Madhuri had intended to tell her in the letter she had written to her before she died. She also realised that Madhuri has not been happy with her marriage. This is because, to many, she seems to be living a perfect family life. Nobody knows what she is going through.
        In conclusion, this incident is very important and I will never forget this incident because it makes the story more interesting. From this incident, I also learn that people are not always as they seem to be so we should not judge them just based on what they portray. 


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